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10 Utah Road Cycling Routes to Ride Now

Utah road cycling map

1. Logan Canyon

2. Ogden Valley

3. Salt Lake City

4. Wasatch Front

5. Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

6. Flaming Gorge–Uintas National Scenic Byway

7. Alpine Loop

8. Arches and the Upper Colorado Scenic Byway

9. All-American Road Scenic Byway 12

10. Mojave Desert Loop



1. Logan Canyon | Northern Utah | 39 miles one way

A shimmering surprise caps a tree-lined uphill ride

From 4,500 feet at Utah State University in Logan, riders will climb through Logan Canyon to 7,800 feet over 30 miles before being rewarded with a 10-mile downhill with incredible views of Bear Lake — the Caribbean of the Rockies. Stop for a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake and a burger in Garden City, which sits at nearly 6,000 feet. Riders should exercise caution as the shoulder is often narrow or nonexistent.

Another excellent ride in the area is the 51-mile loop around Bear Lake, which includes the Bear Lake-Laketown Scenic Byway in Utah and a dip into Idaho — and is relatively flat. 

2. Ogden Valley

Ogden Valley is a wonderful place. There's a town here called Eden, with good reason. There are three ski resorts encircling the valley. For the thirsty, Utah's oldest continuously operating saloon, the Shooting Star, stands by in nearby Huntsville. And while we're on the subject, New World Distillery is opening soon. The craft distillery emphasizes new world ingredients and the legacy of the West.

At the heart of it all is Pineview Reservoir, a cool escape in the summer and an icy centerpiece in the winter. But, oh, the roads. The narrow roads climbing from the city of Ogden are narrow and not ideal for timid cyclists, but the roads of Ogden Valley are terrific. There are great climbs up the Old Snowbasin Road or south past Snowbasin to the Peterson Loop. But one of our favorites is the Old Liberty Loop. It is of the most scenic routes in the Ogden Valley.


3. City Creek Canyon | Salt Lake City | 5.7 miles to top 

From downtown to national forest in minutes

Few symbols better exemplify access and proximity than Salt Lake City's City Creek Canyon. An historically important source of drinking and irrigation water for the valley, City Creek remains an important watershed for Utah's capital city. On odd-numbered days, bicycles are welcome to enjoy a car-free canyon ride, taking on grades averaging 7 percent over the 5.7 miles, from the rolling stretches of the lower canyon to the steeper — and rougher — upper section.


4. Saltair | Great Salt Lake | 36 miles round-trip

A metropolitan to marsh flat ride to the onion-domed pavilion by the sea

A must-ride for residents and visitors to the Salt Lake area, the straight shot west from downtown Salt Lake follows the grand avenue North Temple to the airport bike path that through multiple gated restricted areas connects to the Salt Lake International Airport and an industrial park. The second half of the ride connects with the North Temple Frontage Road, which runs a parallel course with I-80 toward the Great Salt Lake. Though there's not much of a shoulder, cyclists will frequently have this road to themselves. Get to know the characteristic aroma of the Great Salt Lake then turn back to see the distant city and the full expanse of the Wasatch Front. 


5. Mirror Lake Scenic Byway | Uinta Mountains | 56 miles one way

Climb to fantastic heights among Utah's tallest peaks

Starting at nearly 6,500 feet in Kamas, Utah, will tell you something about this ride. You've officially entered the cycling land of Utah: Life Elevated. A 30-mile climb along the Upper Provo River to about 10,700 feet at Bald Mountain Pass is ahead, meaning Mirror Lake Highway is a ride for serious climbers. With countless campgrounds and trailheads to high mountain lakes dotting this byway, cyclists may choose to set up camp along the way, and enjoy segments to test their lungs and legs at elevation. The road from the Wyoming state line to the summit is no less scenic, and keeps riders at a higher elevation. Watch for wildlife ranging from groundhogs to the majestic moose.


6. Dinosaur National Monument

Appreciate hundreds of millions of years of the visible geological timeline from two wheels

The Dinosaur Country Cruise is a 48.1-mile out-and-back ride over gently rolling hills and false flats. The ride starts in Vernal, Utah, where you can get a primer on the region's prehistory at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum. From Vernal, you'll ride into the Dinosaur National Monument as far as the pavement stretches, then return. The pavement surface is good along the outer ends of the route (i.e., in Vernal and approaching and in Dinosaur National Monument) but is fair to rough along Brush Creek Road, in the middle section of the course. There are ten cattle guard crossings. There is only a few hundred feet in elevation change. Back in Vernal, you can refresh and refuel at great local restaurants like the Vernal Brewing Company. See the full Dinosaur Country Cruise description.


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7. Alpine Loop | Middle Rocky Mountains | 20+ miles

Get acquainted with Robert Redford's Wasatch    

Bookmark American Fork Canyon; you'll have plenty of reasons to return to this Wasatch gem. For now, ready your rubber for a climb from 5,000 feet at the mouth of the canyon to 8,000 feet at the summit of the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway on state Route 92. 

The 20-mile highway passes Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Cascade Springs, Sundance Resort and multiple recreation stops on the Uinta National Forest en route to its return to the valley via the equally spectacular Provo Canyon. Most importantly, the Alpine Loop name honors an area that is both splendidly alpine, but reminiscent of the very Alps from which the word is derived. Though the road is narrow in spots, this is mountain road biking at its finest.


8. Arches and the Upper Colorado Scenic Byway | Moab | Each up to 45 miles     

Moab-area cycling accesses the true beauty of Utah's Red Rock Country

When a Denver-area magazine visited Moab they quickly recognized an astonishing truth: this world-renowned mountain biking mecca is also home to some of the finest asphalt adventures anywhere. The scenic drive through Arches makes it one of the more accessible parks, but you'll lament passing too quickly through this masterpiece of red rock geology. Read about biking Arches in the national park biking guide below, but also don't miss the rolling Upper Colorado Scenic Byway up state Route 128. The junction is between Arches and Moab and the road follows a modestly trafficked path up the Colorado River along BLM lands with abundant camping and classic sandstone pinnacles that define this landscape. The entire byway runs 44 miles but many riders often cruise the 15 miles to the La Sal Loop Road to enjoy a cruise through Castle Valley before a return trip home (or an epic climb up the switchbacks of the La Sal Mountains, which 5280 magazine details from the opposite direction).


9. All-American Road Scenic Byway 12 | Southern Utah | Up to 124 miles 

This could be the most scenic ride of your life

Scenic Byway 12 is approximately 124 miles of relentless beauty and endless outdoor recreation. When the Tour of Utah bicycle stage race took on the nationally designated All-American Road for the first time, it solidified the road's status on the global stage. On a bicycle, it combines some gently graded touring opportunities with rapid descents and punishing climbs en route to racking up more than 10,000 feet in elevation. Riders can basecamp at Panguitch for the whole shebang, at several gateway communities along the way or their choice of state and national parks for select legs of the road. Whether you ride a single mile or all 124, you will not be disappointed.


10. Veyo Loop

Here, Colorado Plateau meets Basin and Range meets Mojave Desert. Ride it all.

While cyclists may feel compelled to head east toward Zion National Park, they'll find quieter roads that are just as scenic on a loop starting near St. George, Utah. The Veyo Loop travels the beautiful road along Snow Canyon State Park, part of the sprawling Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. The road continues along Old Highway 91 past Gunluck Reservoir and parallel to the Santa Clara River. Here's a map of the loop from Ivins, Utah, which is a common place to start.


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