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From Big Air to Big Ales: Utah’s Best Local Craft Brew Picks

Five local favorites to pair with your après-ski dining

Here's the thing about the craft brewing scene in Utah: it's thriving.

We don't have the most microbreweries per capita. That distinction belongs to Vermont. In terms of total beer consumption, Utah drinks the least in the nation (states such as Nevada, New Hampshire and North Dakota are variously cited as No. 1 and No. 2 here). While Utahns don't drink much, we do drink well: Utah-based breweries annually take home coveted medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and other high-profile national and international competitions.

Here are five must-try local brews to pair with the end of a great day of skiing or riding:

Local Pick
Squatters Pub: Hop Rising Double IPA
With its copper color, strong hops and sweet malty taste, Squatters’ Hop Rising is a pale ale lover’s new best friend. With three locations, you’ll have no trouble finding something “good for what ales you” at Squatters.
I dig big, hoppy beers, and Hop Rising is as good as it gets. It’s super smooth, bubbly, and absolutely delicious — always one of my go-to’s. —Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotzenberg
Local Pick
Wasatch Brewery: Polygamy Porter
Beloved as much for its taste as its tongue-in-cheek name, Wasatch’s Polygamy Porter is on the Mount Rushmore of Utah craft beers. With nutty malts, caramel hops and a chocolaty finish, Polygamy Porter is an attention getter.
We don't normally drive fifty miles for lunch, but I'm on vacation so why not. I was not disappointed. If you're in the area you should stop by. —Zeek A., Colorado Springs, CO (Yelp review)
Local Pick
Epic Brewing Company: Pfeifferhorn Lager
For those who like a brew with some European flare. Epic’s Pfeifferhorn Lager combines subtle malt flavors, herbal hops, and crispy finish. It’s one of the best things that’ll ever hit you in the lips.
Goodness, this place is the bee's knees and all that jazz for a brewery slash tasting room slash deli counter. The folks that work here are all super friendly, and the beer is phenomenal. —Colleen J., Charleston, SC (Yelp review)
Local Pick
Uinta Brewing: Bristlecone Brown Ale
Earth, wind and beer — what more do you need in life? The Bristlecone Brown Ale is a smooth-bodied brew that combines nutty dryness with a hint of fruit flavors. Deep and vast, it’s the perfect Utah winter accompaniment.
LOVE this place! We are not from SLC but make it a point to stop every time we are in town. Schedule to take a tour; it is worth your time. A real stand out beer! —KT, Riverside, CA (Yelp review)
Local Pick
Red Rock Brewery: Amber Ale
Red Rock’s Amber Ale is a tip-of-the-cap to the Pacific Northwest. Known for its aromatic blend of sweet hops, tangy malt and coffee-like finish, it’s the type of brew that’ll wake you up and kick you right back into gear.
When I visit SLC I love going here! I love getting the beer samplers because you can try them all. I highly recommend this place! —Christina O, Tampa, FL (Yelp review)


  • Photo: Austen Diamond

  • Photo: Marc Piscotty

  • Photo: Marc Piscotty

  • Photo: Courtesy of Deer Valley

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