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Bear Lake State Park, UT

January Averages
H 31°    L 13° temperatures in °F
1 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

February Averages
H 33°    L 13° temperatures in °F
1.1 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

March Averages
H 43°    L 22° temperatures in °F
1.1 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

April Averages
H 54°    L 30° temperatures in °F
1.4 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

May Averages
H 63°    L 37° temperatures in °F
1.6 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

June Averages
H 73°    L 44° temperatures in °F
1.1 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

July Averages
H 81°    L 50° temperatures in °F
0.7 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

August Averages
H 80°    L 49° temperatures in °F
0.9 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

September Averages
H 70°    L 41° temperatures in °F
1.2 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

October Averages
H 58°    L 33° temperatures in °F
1.3 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

November Averages
H 42°    L 24° temperatures in °F
1.2 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park, UT

December Averages
H 32°    L 16° temperatures in °F
1.1 precipation in inches

Bear Lake State Park

Bear Lake is a 20-mile long and eight-mile wide natural lake with beautiful, placid waters that perfectly match the tranquil pace of the quaint towns that dot the shore. The northern half is located in Idaho and the southern half in Utah with the state lines dividing it. The turquoise color of the lake comes from the mineral calcium carbonate. The vibrant waters have led some people to call it the “Caribbean of the Rockies.”

On the western shore of Bear Lake, just north of Garden City and about an hour from Logan, is Bear Lake State Park and Marina. Bear Lake’s beauty along with the marina’s facilities and beaches makes it an ideal place for boating, fishing, playing and camping. Away from the lake, more than 100 miles of trails allow hikers, bikers and ATV fans to adventure to their hearts’ content. Read about the five best hikes in Bear Lake Valley     

In the winter, the Bear Lake area transforms into a snowy adventureland, headlined by ice fishing and snowmobiling, and the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest (Read the story). Learn more about fishing in Bear Lake, featured as one of Utah's best winter refreshes


  • Bear Lake

    Bear Lake

    Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies for its intense turquoise blue water. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Cisco Disco

    Cisco Disco

    Dip net for Cisco fish on the east side of Bear Lake at dawn as part of the Winterfest's Cisco Disco. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Snowmobiling


    In the winter, experience the rush of snowmobiling on our 350 miles of groomed trails and wide open play areas. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Riding through Powder

    Riding through Powder

    Bear Lake State Park is a great place for snowmobiling. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Dawn Catch

    Dawn Catch

    Fishers look for a morning catch during the Cisco Disco. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Monster Plunge

    Monster Plunge

    Bear Lake Monster Winterfest includes a Monster Plunge into the icy lake to help raise funds for a local charity. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • The Icy Depths

    The Icy Depths

    Brave participants of the Monster Plunge. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Bear Lake Solitude

    Bear Lake Solitude

    Outside of the Monster Winterfest, Bear Lake is a great place for peace, quiet and fish. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Garden City

    Garden City

    The perfect place for beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation and a raspberry shake. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Evening Catch

    Evening Catch

    After the Cisco Disco, it's time to eat. Photo: Jim Urquhart

  • Scenic Byway

    Scenic Byway

    A motorhome makes it's way up Highway 89, through the fall colors along the Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway. Photo: Steve Greenwood

  • Set Sail

    Set Sail

    Sailors take to the Caribbean of the Rockies.

  • Wakeboarding


    Bear Lake is a favorite for boaters and riders.

  • Bear Lake in Summer

    Bear Lake in Summer

    Bear Lake’s charms is pretty apparent for anyone interested in the outdoors, water sports, cute small towns or fresh-picked raspberries. Photo: Jay Dash

Things to Do

  • Boating - If you have a sailboat, Bear Lake is the place for you. With calm water, a consistent afternoon breeze, and tons of room to maneuver (nearly 70,000 acres), it has to be one of Utah’s best places to unfurl the sails. The calm and tranquil water of the lake has put Bear Lake on the map for water skiing and wakeboarding enthusiasts. Jet skiing is just as popular. With the lake having so much open surface area you are guaranteed to find the perfect spot to skim the water. You can find rental boats and jet skis at the marina or in one of the nearby cities.
  • Fishing - In addition, the trophy fishing attracts tons of people to Bear Lake. Most are hoping to hook a cutthroat or lake trout, but you may also land whitefish and carp. Trolling is popular across the lake and casting from the rocky embankment of the marina can be productive. Learn more about fishing at Bear Lake
  • Paddling - Be sure to bring your stand up paddleboards, kayaks and canoes as well. Quietly cruising the shores south of the marina will lead to seeing beautiful waterfowl in the lake’s marshes. Starting from the beach at the marina you can head north to explore the beaches along the west shore. If you don’t feel like cruising, then just drifting and playing in the shallow and warm water near the marina’s beach can’t be beat.
  • Scuba diving - With depths reaching 200 feet Bear Lake is also great place for fresh water scuba diving. The steep drop off and rocky bottom of Cisco Beach is a popular place for divers. It’s 10 miles north of Laketown on the east side of Bear Lake.
  • Pickleville Playhouse - Offers a live theater and Wild West grill on beautiful Bear Lake during the summer months. 
  • The Garden City Pool - Open year-round.
  • Camping and Lodging - If you plan to stay a night or two, camping at Bear Lake State Park is available at the marina, Rendezvous Beach, and Cisco Beach. The Marina and Rendezvous Beach sites have water, flush toilets and showers, while the Cisco campground is primitive.

Additional outdoor adventurers includes horseback riding and OHV trails through the Cache National Forest.


Logan Canyon Scenic Byway - This 41-mile national scenic byway is the most scenic route from Northern Utah to Jackson and Yellowstone. The byway runs alongside the winding Logan River from the city of Logan to Garden City, right through Bear Lake State Park. Much of the corridor travels through spectacular, craggy limestone cliffs, some of which are nearly vertical. There are many opportunities for recreation in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and interpretive information on Logan Canyon along the way.

Ogden River Scenic Byway - The Ogden River Scenic Byway follows a narrow canyon away from the urban center and up into spectacular alpine landscapes. Along the way to its high point of nearly 9,000 feet at Monte Cristo Summit (closed in winter), it passes through a complex quartzite gorge, a beautiful high valley, and some of the finest mountain meadows and forest in Northern Utah. Also along the way are significant man-made attractions that include a genuine monastery and prize-winning hamburgers.

Raspberries - While you are hanging at the “Caribbean of the Rockies” be sure to eat your fill of raspberries. Bear Lake raspberries are world famous and each August the harvest is celebrated with a festival. If you happen to miss the festival, don’t worry you can still have a raspberry milk shake at any number of drive-ins surrounding the lake.

History - It's a great place to explore America's past (Read: Bear Lake for History Buffs) and discover the stories of the hearty souls that settled this area.

What's Nearby?

Basecamp Towns

Bear Lake State Park

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