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Utah Camping: Bridgerland

Located in Utah’s Rocky Mountain Province, Bridgerland is situated smack dab in the north-central part of the state. Bordered on the north and east by the neighboring states of Idaho and Wyoming, respectively, it is also flanked on the west by the Golden Spike Empire camping region and on the south by the camping region known as Mountainland.

A photographer’s delight, Bridgerland is a place of unparalleled beauty, a place where anglers fly fish “blue-ribbon” streams and folks come to canoe along the Bear River. In addition, rock climbers come to scale various routes in Logan Canyon, while mountain bikers and hikers hit some of the area trails, and birders and scuba divers explore the lovely domain of Bear Lake.

Bridgerland Public Camping Region Map

Bridgerland Public Camping and RV Sites

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