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Fish Lake

Utah’s Largest Natural Mountain Lake

A large, scenic slice of blue water calmly rests at the base of Central Utah’s Mytoge Mountains. An alluring trail system criss-crosses the aspen-studded basin at more than 8,800 feet. 

Tucked within Fishlake National Forest, in the Central Utah Plateaus, Fish Lake is considered to be the biggest natural mountain lake in Utah. With average depths of 85 feet, a length of 6-miles and a width of 1-mile, it’s a high-elevation gem that provides a beautiful escape from the dog days of summer.

Fall and Winter

In the fall, Fish Lake is an incredibly scenic explosion of color, as vast stands of quaking aspen turn the forest ceiling, and then floor, golden. In fact, it's along one of the top scenic byways in Utah for leaf peeping

In the winter months, the lake is a popular ice fishing destination. Fish Lake can feel like one of the coldest places on the planet when the snow is blowing and the wind is howling — as it often does. But hardy anglers can attest there is no parallel to the reward of landing a trout or splake. One of the best ways to do so is to lay on the ice and pull a dark coat or tarp over your head. The water is clear, and you can see the fish come in and check out your lure. This works best with perch, but rainbows and splake will also cruise the shallows on occasion. There will even be some lake trout in the 5-pound class that show some interest in your lure before rejecting it and then heading off to chase perch.

Highway 25 is plowed in the winter, but not on a regular basis.

About the Fish

Species in Fish Lake include:

  • Yellow perch
  • Rainbow trout
  • Splake (a hybrid between a lake trout and a brook trout)
  • Brown trout
  • Lake trout
  • Kokanee salmon
  • Tiger muskie (a hybrid between a northern pike and muskellunge)

The lake trout and tiger muskie require some special methods to land, but most of the other species can be caught without too much experience.

Perch are the easiest to catch. Anglers looking for these tasty panfish typically focus their attention along the vast weed beds on the west side of the lake, and they jig small lures tipped with mealworms.

Splake and rainbow trout can be caught using a variety of methods, ranging from onshore casting to trolling. The splake are much easier to target while ice fishing.


Two companies provide cabins at Fish Lake: Bowery Haven Resort and Fish Lake Lodge. And there are three marinas with stores and boat rentals. There are also three Forest Service Campgrounds including Doctor Creek, Bowery and Mackinaw.


  • Perch: no limit on how many anglers can take home.
  • Limit of four trout or salmon, but only one may be longer than 24 inches regardless of the species.
  • The size of an ice fishing hole may not exceed 18 inches.

Planning Resources

For the latest regulations, consult the Utah Fishing Guidebook 

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